About Me

My name is Stephen.  I love my family, video games, Legos,and ORIGAMI.

When I was 18 my family went to Hawaii.  While we were there I purchased some fun origami kits and I have been hooked ever since.

I am a self-taught origamist.  I love sharing my passion for origami which is where this website comes in.  Whether you are a beginner learning to fold for the first time or an advanced origamist it is my hope that my website has something for you.  I hope through this site origami becomes your passion.

My wife likes to joke that Disney stole our love story with their short film “Paperman” seen at the beginning of Wreck-It Ralph. While they may have taken some creative licensing she has adopted the name “Paper Man” for me.

I have spent time teaching people of all ages origami when I am able.  Look around my site.  See what I’ve created and let me teach you something new.

Let the folding begin…