Time to Fold Somewhere Else

We’re in the process of moving states in the very near future; hence the reason why I haven’t posted anything new lately.  Today was our last Sunday here.  While here I team-taught the 11-year-old Sunday School class at my church.  I loved it.  The kids are amazing.  Anytime that I could I would bring origami to give them.  In the midst of packing everything my wife and I went through all of the origami that I’ve folded and accumulated while here (and even things we moved here).  So, I decided that I would take everything that I was planning on getting rid of and take it to the kids in my class to see if they wanted any of it. Before church I decided to count everything and take a picture.  Here’s what I gave away:

The collection of origami that I gave to the kids in my Sunday School class.

The collection of origami that I gave to the kids in my Sunday School class.

I decided that I’d let them take turns at picking out what they wanted. In order to decide what order they got to pick things I took a large jar of origami stars that I had been collecting since I was about 18 and had them guess how many there were.  I wasn’t sure if they’d want all of what I brought.  I had 122 separate things for them to pick from; I didn’t come home with a single thing.  I’m definitely sad to move away, but the opportunities will be good.  I’ve been unemployed for over a year now and the move will allow for much better job opportunities.  Until we find work and get more settled it may be a little difficult to post here.  Until next time, Enjoy!

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