Shuzo Fujimoto’s Hydrangea model

The creator of this model is Shuzo Fujimoto.  The only instructions that I’ve been able to locate are in video form here.  The folder is Sara Adams; she has a very nice Web site, as well as a YouTube channel.  Something I particularly enjoy about Sara is that she gets permission from the origami artist that created a model before posting videos of how to perform the folding.  Anyways, here is Shuzo Fujimoto’s Hydrangea model.

Shuzo Fujimoto Hydrangea Blue and PurpleShuzo Fujimoto’s Hydrangea.  I folded this during church one week; it took me about an hour to do.  There were two young girls sitting in front of us; unfortunately I think I may have had more of their attention as I was folding this than the speaker.  This was folded from a sheet of origami paper about 6 inches square.
Shuzo Fujimoto Hydrangea 4 on single sheetA variation of the Hydrangea.  I saw a picture of this online once and decided to try it.  There are some very impressive versions of multiple Hydrangeas folded from a single sheet of paper.  This is only folded to the third layer.
Shuzo Fujimoto Hydrangea OrangeThe Hydrangea folded to the fifth layer.  This is folded from about a 11 inch square sheet of paper.  Its a little easier to see how this can be considered a tessellation with this many steps.  Each step in the tessellation is a cross that is rotated 90 degrees from the step before and a little smaller.
Shuzo Fujimoto Hydrangea Orange reverse sideThe reverse side of the 5-layer Hydrangea.  Here, again, the reverse side has its own pattern to offer.
Shuzo Fujimoto Hydrangea Orange reverse side window litThe reverse side of the 5-layer Hydrangea held to a window for back-lighting.  A wonderful pattern.
Shuzo Fujimoto Hydrangea Orange window litProbably my favorite model so far when back-lit.  The front side of the 5-layer Hydrangea.

One of the beauties of tessellations is that you can almost take it to as many layer/steps as you can want; with the limitation of the fact that with too many layers the paper can start to wear out from being folded so many times or that your fingers are too big to manipulate the paper at certain levels.  Now, having said that, there are some very impressive pictures of tessellations on the Internet of very detailed models.

Check out more tessellations I have folded from Eric Gjerde here.

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